Augmented Reality & SMART CITIES

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‘Augmented City’ happens when real urban environment meets digital worlds.

Future has come, imaginary cities like Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927) or Los Angeles at 2019 of Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982) shows how technology can modify our way of interact with our cities.

Are you ready to know what is next?

Come to our meeting to disscuss about AR, beacons, geolocated information, smart travels, and more.


- Isidro Navarro CEO at LABS4GLASS

- Francis Ortiz CEO at CREA Solutions, Erik Bjontegard, President of TCS Inc., Brian Spracklen, San Diego, TCS Production Mgr., Jorge Arroyo, Mexico. Presentation of SPARK COMPASS,

- Oriol Marimón CEO at MOBISFERA

- Tomás González CEO at SMART4CITIES

- Javier Campos CTO at EDIAMSISTEMAS

Demos of iBeacons Technology:

- SparkCompass

- Estimote