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This is a peer support group for people with Borderline Personality Disorder/BPD traits. You don't need to have been diagnosed with BPD to join- anyone who relates to some of the traits and thinks they would benefit from a support group is welcome to join. The main focus will be on dealing with BPD symptoms but we'll also work on managing symptoms of other illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

People of any age, gender, background and stage of recovery are welcome to join. We will have support group meetings, social activities and online discussion and support here. You can choose to participate in some or all of the group's activities, there's no pressure to do everything. Feel free to bring a support person along with you to meetings if it would make you more comfortable.

(Note: As this is a peer support group I am not a mental health professional, just someone recovering from BPD.)

The group will be a strong support network where we can:
1. Promote recovery and healthy coping strategies
2. Connect with people with similar experiences to feel less misunderstood and isolated
3. Express ourselves honestly, without fear of judgement, in a safe and open environment of trust, understanding and acceptance
4. Discuss our experiences and coping strategies and help each other
5. Build confidence, self-respect and a sense of identity and purpose
6. Learn more about BPD and how each symptom affects us individually
7. Improve communication and interpersonal skills and use these skills to build better relationships with other people
8. Work on replacing destructive behaviours and self-sabotage with constructive and healing behaviours
9. Work on transforming the chaos, instability and extremes of BPD into peace, stability and balance
10. Support each other in finding the path from feeling trapped, empty, dissatisfied and suicidal to feeling free, fulfilled, satisfied and happy

We are different but we’re not defective or bad people. We all deserve support, love and happiness.