Lo que hacemos

The aim of this group is:

- To create a community of innovators and learn about innovation and creativity methodologies, frameworks and tools.

- Networking and co-creation.


- Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and facilitators.

- Facilitators: if you want to run a meetup, get in touch.

- Entrepreneurs: if you want to put your idea under pressure and get feedback from others, get in touch.


- The events are after work and are based on presentation and miniworkshop, to learn how to apply these tools in our business models and/or daily work.


- Last trends in innovation.

- What is innovation and where can we innovate.

- Systematic innovation for products, processes and business models. The frameworks that help us to innovate such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Value Proposition Canvas, Agile methodologies, etc.

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NEU BAU: Creative and rational ways of work

Online event

REGISTER: To receive the Zoom session link, you should register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/neu-bau-creative-and-rational-ways-of-work-tickets-107712846022 TOPIC: Encourage innovation in products and processes with the CLIMATE and SALVe models. DESCRIPTION: Zak Moore is a creative agile coach, mentor and inventor of several models. He founded "Time and Emotion" to share his techniques and let others pick and mix the bits that they want or need. To help you understand what you can have he explains how to use agile – or any other – management method to find time, create at speed and gain trust and influence from those around you. Overview of these tools: Climate and SALVe are new models that encourage and assist with innovation of both products and processes. - Climate is a simple 10 dimension measure to assess individual and team psychological space. Stay Safe. - SALVe stands for: Scan, Analyse, Lean, Value. It is endorsed by the leading Product and Project Management method makers: Less, DaD, DSDM & SAFe. SALVe blends creative and rational ways of work. It provides easy to understand techniques and tools to apply creative thinking at work. AGENDA: - Climate – 10 minutes. Do your own before attending. Use this link https://timeandemotion.com/ to analyse your team´s culture. - SALVe – 30 minutes 1 Heretical Value: Put yourself first in order to serve and lead others. 2 Time Management – when Tinder met Jira. Visualise complexity over time. 3 Analysis – Blend the key modes of creativity, design, systems and rational thinking. 4 Lean - improve your current workflow through economies of scope and sale. - Q&A Session - 20 minutes OUR GUEST SPEAKER Zak Moore started as a coder. He has been CTO in four start-ups: (1 fail, 2 flips, 1 float). Following a near-death experience he had the opportunity to re-assess his life and realise that creative ways of work are essential for well-being. The World Economic Forum lists Creativity as the #1 in-demand soft skill.

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