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Hey everyone.

I created this group because I am presenter in the Facebook Marketing Meetup of Barcelona that now has more than 900 members. It's very fulfilling seeing exciting people that share interest or passion for Facebook Ads and digital marketing. In these meetups we exchange tricks and tips and generally make each other better. As something like this didn't exist in Buenos Aires yet I decided to take the initiative to create it. This is a group for anyone who works with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads and for everyone who wants to learn it. All skills levels are welcome. We are going to share and learn together on:

~which bidding type to use in which situation (OCPM, CPC, CPM, OCPC)

~ how to create a full funnel strategy for b2b and b2c (ecommerce, app installs etc.)

~ how to A/B test all your ads and makes them better every day

~ how to deal with your key account manager from Facebook Dublin ~ how to pre qualify potential customers in Facebook.

~ how best communicate your products and USPs in Facebook & Instagram

Plus most importantly is to get to know each other and have a good time together while having a beer and being happy. Then in the future if anyone of you needs help let me know and I will see how I can help you out and vice versa:)