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Lo que hacemos

This group is for people that want to learn, share and collaborate on a community that believes food is medicine in every way possible; that almost every single disease is curable and preventable using food(cooked and raw), fermented foods, herbs spices, etc..

We have learned a great deal about food, fermented foods, spices, herbs, etc and the huge impact they have on our overall health. We firmly believe everything is good for us, red meat, sugar, carbs, fat, salt, etc.

I myself have lost 80 lbs, cured myself of my severe anxiety and sleep disorder. We mainly focus on two fronts: 1. figuring out all of the intricate parts of eating a balance between macro and micro nutrient foods and a balance between cooked and raw foods. 2. Understanding the extremely complex relationship between beneficial and harmful micro-organisms that reside in many parts of our bodies(gut, skin, mouth, genitals, etc.)

We have recently learned that harmful organisms and parasites play a massive role in the disease that exists today and it is because of our society's extremely inferior knowledge and view on how extremely vital beneficial micro-organisms are to our bodies(gut and mind).

We have used some very powerful cleanses that have helped us tremendously; parasite cleanse, colon cleanse, juice fast, and others. If you are interested, please join our community and lets take our health back into our hands.

You can start by watching some microbiologists share their findings about microbes on youttube via TED Talks. A couple to get you started: Search for "Mind-altering microbes: how the microbiome affects brain and behavior: Elaine Hsiao at TEDxCaltech" and "The gut flora: You and your 100 trillion friends: Jeroen Raes at TEDxBrussels"