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Come on, Ladies! Lets go shooting! Please join us!
Price does NOT include ammunition. But, it does include any gun and/or equipment you may need. You must register. You cannot just show up. Safety is our priority, so we must keep meetup size to a safe number.

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40,00 US$
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Lo que hacemos

We are a Los Angeles based All-Female shooting club. We meet on the second Sunday of every month and you do NOT need to own a gun to participate. You will be training alongside other women and all range officers will be female NRA-Certified firearms instructors. Don't worry if your shooting skills are rusty, or if you're a relatively new shooter, or even if you just don't feel confident with your shooting abilities...yet. Come shoot with us! You will be practicing skills that can save your life or the lives of your loved ones while having a kick-ass time!