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This meetup will focus on ways to grow a business on-line. My name is Jeff and I'll be here as your guide with advice on how to apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization o Posicionamiento Web) strategy to your business in order to attract new customers. We will have topics on Google+ business pages, Social Property Set-up and Optimization (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram), identifying you business keywords , optimizing a website for google search, branding, youtube videos and more. We will share proven strategies on how to get your website ranked in Google and in front of thousands of new customers every month. In addition to SEO, we can branch out to other topics based on feedback from members. This meet-up is designed for business owner, marketing professionals and anyone interested in growing a business on-line.

This group is for anyone who would like to know the following:

1) How to do your own internet marketing?

2) How do I get my business listed on the Google maps listing?

3) How to set up and optimize Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc..

4) What are keywords and which are the best for my business?

5) How do I get my website on page 1 of Google?

6) How do I get my website ranked above my competition?

7) How do I track my website visitors using Google Analytics?

Contact Info:

Each group member will be able to contact me directly at if you have any SEO or online marketing questions.


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