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Afrodance and Afrobeats dance class NYC
Dance -- all styles, all levels for all ages Steps is the true epicenter of New York's professional dance community. Internationally recognized, Steps is the home of the best and most world-renowned teachers. Angel Kaba's Ka'frican urban dance technique is a mixture of the new generation of African influences and American street dance. In the class you will work on musicality heavily influenced by the rhythm and musical trends from The Congo, Ivory Coast, and Angola. Urban street styles are incorporated into the backdrop of this heavily African based technique. The cultural, social, and free-spirited side of this discipline creates an environment where students dance, learn, have fun, and feel free. She will guide you deep in this exciting universe, encouraging students to discover freedom in their movements. In addition, you will work on mastering body control, pelvic isolations, quick African movement patterns as well as hip flexibility. She will take you along a movement journey covering multiple continents. Her fun, upbeat personality is something that you don't want to miss! Price 21$/class

STEPs on Broadway

2121 Broadway Between 75th & 76th · Nueva York, NY

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Artistic/Creative Director, choreographer and dance teacher ~~~ANGEL KABA~~~

She developed her own dance technique "Ka'frican" combining a Hip Hop foundation with Afro Urban dance styles. The foundation of urban street dance styles is incorporated as backdrop to the heavily African influenced technique. The social and pleasant side of this discipline creates an environment where students dance, have fun and feel free. She performs and teaches hip-hop/ragga-dancehall/afro urban master classes in NYC and all over the world, including Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, Congo DRC, Martinique.

This is a group for anyone interested in learning how to dance Ka’frican and/or Hip Hop, as well as dance for fun!
All skills levels are welcome.
We started this group because we wanted to share this AMAZING experience of dance and movement with everyone. See you there!

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