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Calling all Southeastern CT Homeschoolers!

Get together with other homeschooling families in the area for fun, friendship, trips, and more. This meetup will begin hosting get-togethers Late Fall 2018. What will we do? Well, anything that we homeschoolers LOVE to do! Book clubs, local outings, park dates, beach trips, BBQs, coffee chats, build an online community, and much more. Just a group of like-minded folks getting together to support one another in our homeschooling journeys.

** A Few Important Notes **

• As a member of this Meetup, you must be a current homeschooling parent of one or more children, and have submitted your annual Notice of Intent with your local school.

• Curriculum choices and teaching styles may vary far and wide, but may not be a form of public-school-at-home (Such as online distance K12 learning). We are not a group for those associated with the public school system.

• This group is a safe space for homeschooling families to gather and find support. We do not discriminate based on gender, marital status, special needs, age, family size, income level, race, hobbies, whether you like pineapple on pizza, or any other attribute that makes the world a brighter, more vibrant place. Above all, be kind.