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Construction of a Learning Center at Diguvapalem Village
Construction of a Learning Center at Diguvapalem Village. The purpose of the learning center is to create a space for children to work on different things like their homework, play time, extra curricular activities and etc. Usually after school hours and chores at home. The learning center shall also be a place to stay for volunteers who come to the village. We are constructing the learning center on an existing foundation of an old mud house. We shall be reconstructing the walls with the local red soil. We shall also be harvesting bamboo and eucalyptus from about 4 km from the site of the house. This harvested bamboo shall be further transported to the lake and kept within for 2 weeks for its treatment. Once the bamboo and eucalyptus is ready it will be fixed on the wall to create the structure for the roof and a top floor. The roofing shall be completed by using lemon grass. Finally we will need to complete the flooring with mud. We are looking forward for hard working dedicated volunteers to help us build the Learning Center. In return we will be able to provide you basic stay and food along with lot of bonding. Dates : 1st October 2018 to 26th October 2018 Volunteers : At any given time we will be able to accommodate maximum 5 volunteers. So those interested please contact Nandan and confirm your participation. Contact : Nandan -[masked]

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Near Madanpalle (and close to Rishi Valley School) · Diguvapalem

Lo que hacemos

Exploring the Jungles, Observing the biodiversity , Conserving our environment

Jungling organizes trips to destinations of country sides and forests where one can observe, learn, photograph our wildlife and natural heritage.

Jungling will also try and connect people to organizations that work with the environment and conservation.

We emphasize on observing our wildlife that includes insects to the larger mammals and the stay can be with the locals to five start hotels.

Is it for you?
It is for anyone interested in wildlife and conservation.

- photographers - birdwatchers - wildlife enthusiasts -conservationists

We will keep you updated with all the activities that include workshops, travel and NGOs where you can participate in doing what interests you in the wildlife field.

Example: Photography Tours , Wildlife Census dates and locations , Naturalist Workshops , Trekking, Living with the locals and learning about the forests, NGO that require people for conservation and environmental services etc.