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3D: 3D Scanner Sign off - Create 3D models of physical objects
Create precise 360⁰ 3D models of physical objects. Go from the physical to the digital quickly with the 3d Scanner. Learn the basics of using Nova-Labs HP 3D SLS Pro S3 scanner to accurately capture a 3D representation of almost anything you could imagine with resolution as high as .05mm! Sign off: 3d scanner Prerequisite: Nova Labs Green Orientation (GO!) class. Maybe you have an idea for a new product that builds on another, and having a model of the original will speed development versus having to design it from scratch. What you'll learn: • The different types of consumer based scanning methods • How to set up and calibrate the scanner • Scan objects • Clean up scanned objects • Export scans as point clouds or meshes for use in other applications.

*Nova Labs (Classroom B)

1916 Isaac Newton Square W. · Reston, VA

45,00 US$

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The NOVA Makers Meetup group is dedicated to creating and supporting a Maker community in Northern Virginia. Everyone with a passion and interest in making things is welcome to join! For more information visit our website To get started, visit our lab at the listed address from M-F 5:30pm to 8:30pm or weekends from 1-4pm. Or signup on our meetup for an Open House.

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