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Tax Sale Foreclosures with Arnie Abramson

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North Central Plaza Three

12801 North Central Expressway Atrium · Dallas, TX

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75 South Access Road at Coit and 635 LBJ Fwy

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We have a VERY SPECIAL guest joining us at NOWREE this evening.

You may have heard his name in your investing circles and he has also been a personal mentor of Stacie's over the years.

So we welcome Arnie Abramson tonight who will be teaching us about the Wonderful, Exciting Niche of Tax Sale Foreclosures!

Here's a peek at what he will be teaching and sharing with us:

1. What in the world is a Delinquent Tax Deed?

2. How do you find em?

3. How to evaluate if it is a deal

4. What are the Texas Regs on Redemption

5. How to Profit

6. How to use Arnie's services to do all the above if you want to

This is not going to be a high pressure pitch fest by any means. It will be a very informative session to help you learn a different niche for your investing dollars. And this may be the one thing you've been looking for to bring your investing business to the next level.

We will see you on Tuesday night, May 24th at 6:30

Stacie and Gaylene

Cost: $10.00 online; $15.00 at the door

We will have food items available