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December NY Information Security Meetup - Engineering Privacy
A Panel Discussion on Privacy engineering - sponsored by BigID ( ) Privacy engineering as a discipline is still in its infancy, yet regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandate that organizations implement PbD. How can PbD be implemented without the appropriate technical staff, processes, and supporting technology? The answer is that they can’t. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations hire the right combination of privacy engineering experience and skills to design and embed the requirements. Besides making the right hires, it is imperative that companies also heavily invest in: infrastructure (i.e., enterprise architecture and design), privacy and data protection products that automate time-consuming tasks, PETs, consent management tools, recruitment efforts, and ongoing training for current and future privacy engineers as new techniques emerge. additional details TBD.

110 Fifth Avenue

New York · Nueva York, NY

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    The NY Information Security Meetup (NYIS) is the largest gathering of its kind, assembling top talent from the New York metropolitan region and beyond to cover the latest developments in IS. Topics include enterprise cyber security, mobile computing, network and endpoint security, and security policy including governance and compliance. Meetings typically consist of a featured speaker, demos by vetted security vendors, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and the profession's top networking opportunity. IS occupies the front pages of news sites too often and as such firms are embracing new technologies to safeguard sensitive account and IoT system access. No matter your position - we welcome those entering the field! - join us to network and learn from one another. @NYInfoSecurity (


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