Design Thinking Workshop


Design Thinking Workshop:

Ever wondered what all the buzz is about surrounding design thinking?
Want to learn more about what it takes to be truly user-centric? In this workshop, you will find out why coffee competes with kale, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge around the Jobs To Be Done theory. Shift your mindset and make innovation work for your company, learn how to create things that customers want. After all, great service is not by chance, it’s by design.

In this workshop we will cover:
* design thinking principals and process
* background and core theory on jobs to be done
* how to prioritise and deploy user insights for the development
practical design tools for your daily work

Alicia Shao, Service Design, Nordea,

Alicia the tall Asian, exile Kiwi now residing in Helsinki. Alicia is a human-centred human and passionate service designer. With an interdisciplinary approach and a background in graphic design and advertising, her passion lies in tackling social issues, facilitating change and improving the human experience. Before joining Nordea, Alicia guest lectured at Bauhaus University, as well as working as a service designer at Service Design Network and IXDS Berlin.

8:00 Breakfast & Networking (To minimise food waste, please cancel your registration if you can't come)
8:30 Design Thinking Workshop
Approx. 10:30 Coffee & mingle
11:00, Meet-up ends.