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This is the product management community in Mexico City to learn more about breaking into the field, improving your skills and building up your network. We're building the largest community of product managers worldwide and we want you to join us on the journey!

Our speakers are top PMs working at renowned tech companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn and other technology startups.

If you’re an aspiring product manager with over 3 years of experience in technology, business or design, join us! These events are also perfect for those starting out and interested in understanding more about the space, networking, learning from professionals or to launch a PM career.

We host various types of events, including:

Product Talks: Workshops led by tech mentors and instructors with years of experience in their field, to present on topics in product management, coding, data, blockchain, digital marketing and many more to help you become a full-stack product manager.

Weekly AMAs: “Ask Me Anything” sessions hosted by experts in the product management space. Every event is a unique and great opportunity to ask any question you’ve had about breaking into product management.

Proud to be sponsored by Product School: https://prdct.school/2qbXIBi , one of the top rated tech schools on SwitchUp ( https://www.switchup.org/bootcamps/product-school ).

If you want to become a product manager, check out Product School - Product Management Training online: https://prdct.school/2RjWX4X .

Feel free to get in touch by emailing admissions@productschool.com.

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Webinar: What is Digital Gaming in PM by Boeing Product Manager

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***RSVP on EventBrite: https://prdct.school/2JitPf6 *** *** DISCLAIMER: This event is ONLINE *** This session will cover the unique world of Product Management in the gaming industry. We will be covering avenues to breaking into the gaming industry along with thoughts and opinions on the challenges that the gaming industry brings to the field of Product Management that you don't see in other industries. Using my experience heading up the eSports Digital Product Management line at Wizards of the Coast for Magic the Gathering, I have unique examples and lessons learned from the products I've seen from concept to cash. The gaming industry is growing exponentially and it's vital to be prepared if you are planning on hopping on board. Main takeaways: - How to get a Product Management job in the gaming industry - What the unique challenges are that gaming brings to Product Management - Tips on how to effectively manage the business and the game studio in harmony Meet the Speaker: Tony Pagliocco Tony Pagliocco worked at Wizards of the Coast, on the game Magic: the Gathering, for 6 years working both in the Enterprise Applications and the Global Organized Play / eSports teams as Principal Product Manager. Tony led development and release of the Magic Pro Tour Payment System which reduced payments from 6 months to 4 business days. In addition, Tony was the Principal Product Manager for the global ranking system, Planeswalker Points and the Pro Tour Tournament Operations Software, WLTR,. Tony also played on a national competitive level for several years as well before working at Wizards. Tony graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Computer Science and currently he works for Boeing's Analytics team and lives in Federal Way, WA. View the Speaker's LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonypagliocco/) Get the FREE Product Book here (https://prdct.school/2CMSqF1) -- Please note: - Tickets sales at the door are from 6:00 - 6:30 PM (if any are still available) - Event entrance and/or seating is based on a first come first served basis. - Please arrive promptly. Doors lock at 7pm to avoid speaker disruptions. - No refunds unless we have fully canceled the event. Date changes are not included. - For additional info or questions, send an email to [masked] Get Your Tickets (https://prdct.school/2JitPf6) *Entrance not guaranteed without valid ticket from Eventbrite

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