Próximo Meetup

Every Monday we meet at Cicleadas El Rey for our Urban Night Bike Ride. Join in!
Cicleadas El Rey is an organization that promotes biking in Ecuador and promotes exploring Ecuador by bicycle. Let's go! :) Cicleadas El Rey es una promotora de ciclismo que busca incentivar el uso de la bicicleta en Ecuador y promocionar el pais recoriendolo en bicicleta, la bici en todas sus expresiones y lo hace a traves de operacion comercial y turistica que implican: ACTIVIDADES DE CICLISMO URBANO ACTIVIDADES DE CICLISMO DE MONTAÑA TIENDA DE BICICLETAS MECANICA DE BICICLETAS ENSAMBLAJE DE BICICLETAS ALQUILER DE BICICLETAS ASESORIAS EN TEMAS DE CICLISMO

Cicleadas El Rey

Amazonas N23-78 y Wilson · Quito

Lo que hacemos

Quito is a city with a rich history full of traditions. Every Monday night 40-80 bikers meet to ride through the quaint city streets. The bike rides take place throughout the city and every type of bike can be seen: urban bikes, mountain bikes, bikes with gears, even bikes with no brakes. Adults, youth, and even kids come together with the common purpose of roaming the streets of Ecuador’s capital in search of biking adventures.

The movement of Urban Night Bike Rides started 4 years ago and is ever growing with the continuous increase of bikers in the city. Each bike ride has its own theme which strengthens the event and opens up the possibility to a variety of shared adventures; these cultural, touristic, and entrepreneurial events strengthen the experience and give added value. The Monday night bike rides are free of charge, with the principal mission of the event being to promote the use of bikes in the city and encourage an alternative physical activity on Monday evenings.