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This Research Methods and Data Science (RMDS) meetup group is devoted to make big data & AI useful, and to promote big data technologies. It is a meet-up group bringing together people from research methodology, data science, data professional services, AI and computing in the greater Los Angeles area.

The focus of the group is about utilizing big data & AI technologies to improve data analytics & research for social good, and to promote research methods and data science innovation. On a regular base, we run workshops on big data analytics that can be applied to model and visualize open data and other complicated big data sets. Also, we will organize special meetings to discuss special data science projects, as well as data science automation and augmentation.

This meetup is also a part of a global Research Methods and Data Science network at www.grmds.org .

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Intersections of Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare

New School of Cooking

The September RMDS MeetUp was a great success, as we had our partner Brix Labs present and received a great lecture from Dr. Mingfeng Yang, who discussed applications for machine learning within business. His numerous examples and demonstrations of Brix Labs technologies were particularly fascinating. This October, let us discuss the applications for artificial intelligence in healthcare via an in-depth discussion of these intersecting fields. On October 21st, we will host our meetup at the lovely New School of Cooking here in Pasadena. First, we will see a keynote presentation by Dr. Priyanka Mathur who will discuss the emergence and evolution of AI in healthcare, as well as recent developments. Next, we will hear from a panel discussing healthcare and AI and featuring both data science experts and medical professionals, such as Dr. Anna Farzindar, Dr. Sneha Verma, Martin Devon, and Dr. C Charles Lin. To find out more about our speakers, visit their website/LinkedIn profile: Dr. Priyanka Mathur - https://www.linkedin.com/in/priyanka-mathur-3b28b2123/ Dr. Anna Farzindar - www.farzindar.com Dr. Sneha Verma - https://www.linkedin.com/in/snehaver2009/ Dr. C Charles Lin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/c-charles-lin-md-cmd-4872b816/ Martin Devon - https://www.linkedin.com/in/martindevon/ We will also see the results of the Impact Score Contest, so make sure to sign up for an account at GRMDS.org and post a project to begin making an impact. The winner will receive over $400 in prizes, including a signed copy of a book written by RMDS Founder and CEO Alex Liu. We look forward to your attendance and participation in this fascinating discussion! REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED

Innovative Methods with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Pasadena Convention Center

Use code MEETUP at check out for 20% OFF! Spots are limited! Since its establishment in 2009, RMDS has become one of the largest data science communities in California with over 33,000 data professionals and researchers. After the success of over 50 meetups, we have witnessed the growing need for a larger conference with more than 1500 attendees expected. We are glad to announce that RMDS will collaborate with the City of Pasadena, CA to hold its annual conference in Pasadena Convention Center on Dec 6-7. Also, we will launch our unique certificate workshop program with UCR -- one of the most prominent public universities in California -- to provide a practical and hands-on learning experience on Dec 5. Spots are limited. Registration is officially open. Book it now in the early bird stage (space limited), which will be ended on Nov 1. General Admission on Dec 6 &7: $99 Combo1: Conference Pass + Training Workshop (Dec 5): $150 Combo2: Conference Pass + Networking Reception (Dec 6 evening): $150 Combo3: Conference Pass + Training Workshop (Dec 5)+ Networking Reception (Dec evening): $170 Refreshments and lunch are included! FEATURES Pre-Conference Training/Workshop: Taking place on Dec 5, starting from 2 pm to 9 pm, the workshop is tailored towards students and professionals across industries to prepare them in the age of digital transformation. This workshop clarifies the data science and technology components utilized by corporations to solve their daily business problems. Networking reception: The networking reception will take place on Dec 6 in the evening. It is a great opportunity for professionals to recognize, create, or act upon new business relationships and career opportunities. Keynotes: Keynote speakers are experts from prestigious universities like Caltech, USC, UCLA and big companies like Google, Disney, ObEN to talk about their recent research and innovation in the AI & big data fields and how their projects directly benefit the community. Panels: There are numerous forums for practitioners and professors to discuss the most interesting topics in AI, like the ethical use of AI and how AI will impact healthcare and education. The career paths to work in data science will also be included in the panel. Exhibition: In this event, we will exhibit the newest AI developments, and how these innovations change the way people conduct research and get work done. It will include computer vision, deep learning and natural language processing. Startup Competition Summit: In this event, you will see entrepreneurs and their team members come and present their innovative ideas and creativity, where they can meet the investors of their dreams. Call for 2019 Partners/Sponsors/Investors/Entrepreneurs/Recruiters: interested in becoming partners/sponsors in RMDS 2019 Conference? Please email: [masked] Other requests? Contact: [masked] check our website for more info: rmdslab.com grmds.org

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How AI and ML can be applied to daily business tasks

Hameetman Auditorium, Cabill Building, Caltech

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