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Job searching? Do you want to ask your burning resume questions to a live person? Career-changing or going for a pivot? Do you need to update your resume (but you don't know how)? Do you need an alternate resume for a different type of job? Has the job-search changed since the last time you searched?

Foreign job-seekers: Are you unfamiliar with job-hunting in the US? Don't apply with a CV!

Let's chat IN-PERSON for tips on resume-writing from an experienced corporate in-house HR employee who knows how recruiters operate. Most people leave this Meetup and IMMEDIATELY make impactful changes to their resume! You may find a great contact in the group OR an accountability partner OR motivation for your next application. The Black Hole will be downgraded to a "Black Box".

I also offer 1-1 help based on your needs and schedule. Ask me!