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All are welcome to attend our services Each Sunday we offer a 50 minute meditation service from 10am - 10:50am. One of our group members lead the meditations each Sunday. We start with a short prayer followed by a devotional chant (song booklets are provided). We meditate for about 40 minutes. The meditation concludes with a short devotional chant, prayer and healing service. We base our teachings on Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda. Light refreshments are provided after the service. Please feel free to sign your name and add your email address in our guest book located in the foyer if you like to be included in our mailing list for our events.

San Antonio Meditation Group

202 Holland Avenue · San Antonio

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Our meetings are for anyone interested in Yoga Meditation and Spirituality. We offer weekly Sunday services near Olmos Park / Trinity College area.

If you are new to meditation you may want to browse through the links below where you can read more on how to meditate.

Basic guidelines:

- Please enter the chapel quietly. If you arrive late during the silent meditation period please make yourself comfortable and have a seat in the sitting area in entry hall, reading room or in the sunroom. You may enter the meditation chapel at anytime during the devotional chanting or during the reading.

- We chant after periods of meditation. Small blue song booklets are provided in the pocket holders in the back of the chairs. Pages of songs are announced by the reader.

- Please stay and introduce yourself after the service. We are happy meet with you and to help answer any questions you might have. We are delighted you came for your first visit!

- The first hour beginning at 10:00 on Sundays we have silent meditation and chanting. Some opt to attend only the main Sunday service which starts at 11:00 every Sunday. We offer the 2 different services each Sunday. If you are new to meditation we recommend you come to the 11:00a.m. main service.

Basic posture for meditation:

Sit on a straight chair or cross legged on a firm surface.

The spine should be erect, feet resting flat on the floor. Abdomen in, chest out, shoulders back, chin parallel to the ground. The hands, with palms upturned, should rest on the legs at the juncture of the thighs and the abdominal region to prevent the body from bending forward. If the the correct posture has been assumed, the body will be stable yet relaxed, so that it is easily possible to remain completely still, without moving a muscle. Now close your eyes and gently lift your gaze upward, without straining, to the point between your eyebrows - the seat of concentration, and of the spiritual eye of perception.

A beginners meditation:

1) Prayer

After you are established in the meditation posture, begin by offering God a prayer from your heart, expressing your devotion and asking His blessings on your meditation.

2) Tense and Relax to remove all stress

Inhale, tensing the whole body and clenching the fists. Relax all the body parts at once and as you do so, expel the breath through the mouth in a double exhalation, "huh" , "huh." Repeat three to six times. Then forget the breath. Let it flow in and out naturally, of its own accord, as in ordinary breathing.

3) Focus the attention at the Spiritual Eye

With the eyelids half closed ( or completely closed, if this is more comfortable to you), look upward , focusing the gaze and the attention as though looking out through a point between the eyebrows. Do not cross the eyes or strain them; the upward gaze comes naturally when one is relaxed and calmly concentrated. What is important is fixing the whole attention at the point between the eyebrows. This is the Christ Consciousness center, the seat of the single eye spoken of by Jesus: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light" (Matthew 6:22).

When the purpose of meditation is fulfilled, the devotee finds his consciousness automatically concentrated at the spiritual eye, and he experiences, according to his inner spiritual capacity, a state of joyous divine union with Spirit.

It takes deep concentration and calmness to behold the spiritual eye: a golden halo surrounding a circle of blue, in the center of which palpitates a five-pointed white star. Those who do see the spiritual eye should strive to penetrate it by deeper concentration and by devoted prayer to God. The depth of calmness and concentration necessary for this are naturally developed through steady practice of the scientific Self-Realization Fellowship techniques of concentration and meditation [which are taught in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons ( which can be obtained from Self Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles].

4) Pray Deeply to God in the Language of Your Own Heart

Whether you see the light of the spiritual eye or not, however, you should continue to concentrate at the Christ Consciousness center between the eyebrows, praying deeply to God and His great saints. In the language of your heart invoke Their presence and Their blessings.

A good practice is to take an affirmation or a prayer and spiritualize it with your own devotional yearning.

Silently chant ( and pray to God, keeping the attention at the point between the eyebrows, until you feel God's response as calm, deep peace and inner joy.

5) Daily Practice as Preparation for the Deeper Techniques

The meditation period should last at least thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes at night. The longer you sit, enjoying the state of meditative calm, the faster you will progress spiritually. Carry into your daily activities the calmness you feel in meditation; that calmness will help you to bring harmony and happiness into every department of your life.

Through daily practice of the foregoing instructions, you can prepare yourself for the practice of the deeper techniques of concentration and meditation that are given in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons ( These scientific techniques will enable you to dive ever more deeply in the great ocean of God's presence. We all exist at this very moment in that ocean of Spirit; but only by steadfast, devoted, scientific meditation may we consciously perceive that we are individualized soul waves on the vast ocean of God's bliss.

From the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda:

In the body, life is templed; in the mind, light is templed; in the soul, peace is templed. The deeper one goes into the soul the more that peace is felt; that is superconsciousness.

"When by deeper meditation the devotee expands that awareness of peace and feels his consciousness spreading with it over the universe, that all beings and all creation are swallowed up in that peace, then he is entering into Cosmic Consciousness. He feels that peace everywhere — in the flowers, in every human being, in the atmosphere. He beholds the earth and all worlds floating like bubbles in that ocean of peace."

Information about our church:

Paramahansa Yogananda, our founder founded Self Realization Fellowship in the 1920's to teach Kriya Yoga in the West. Meditation is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. We believe in original Christianity and the ancient science of Yoga.

If you are interested in serving in any capacity please reach out to the service reader. Service readers are approved by Self Realization Fellowship. We are currently welcoming help in the following areas: Organ player, beautification of our meditation garden, charity outreach and website development. Many other opportunities are available.


- A few times per year we offer special commemorative services honoring our spiritual teachers.

- Before the holiday season we also offer an all day spiritual Christmas Meditation each year.

If you like to learn more please click on the links below: (

Recommended reading: The Autobiography of a Yogi. By author: Paramahansa Yogananda (




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