Próximo Meetup

Bring Your Cryptocurrency Questions!
Hello. This the Dot.Money meetup version for San Diego County for all things cryptocurrency. This is a great place to learn Bitcoin/Ethereum 101. But it is also a place for more the more experienced. Your host is Charles Robinson, Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE). Attendees should come to learn and come to share. I am a software developer who develops on the Ethereum platform. I have done an ICO/TGE. I am also a crypto investor (2 years) and I advise others on how to grow their crypto portfolios. Look for some main/altcoin trading tips/signals at each meeting. I also attend many crypto conferences and will be giving an update on the State of the Cryptoverse at each meeting. I want to learn from each of you. Lastly, this is a great place to make friends. Join us at the Dot.Money Meetup.

The Living Room

5900 El Cajon Boulevard · San Diego