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The Buddhist Forum in Japan
Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Japan. The weather is crisp and mild, there is an abundance of delicious fruits. Of course, you can enjoy fresh sushi if you're not a vegetarian. So why don't we make a trip there this autumn? Here’s an announcement for a Pure Land Buddhism convention, Ho'on'ko*. It's going to be held mid-October in Toyama Prefecture in Japan. For those who would like to attend, here's the best travel plan for you. *Ho'on'ko: a Pure Land Buddhist annual convention which is held to repay the debt of gratitude for Master Shinran's* birth. Usually, it's held in October. *Master Shinran: a Japanese Buddhist monk who was alive 800 years ago in Japan, and the founder of Pure Land Shin Buddhism Lectures will be given at the 2,000-Tatami-Mat* Hall, the largest hall in the world for listening to Buddhism. This hall was built for the sole purpose of listening to Buddhism. *Tatami-Mat: a tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms, the surface of which is made of soft rush, so it gives off a good smell. After the convention, we will have a short-term training course at the Buddhist academy, the purpose of which is to give lectures on how to practice Buddhism. All these enthusiastic Buddhists are welcome. If you would like to join this Buddhism event, please fill in the following google form <> Please check this URL in more detail.

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Are you searching for meaning in your life?
Have you ever felt happiness in your life...
...never lasts?

This Buddhist group has a great positive, multi-cultural atmosphere that helps people search for the answer to life's biggest questions.
Through the teachings of Buddha and historical Pure Land Buddhist teachers we understand better the direction our life needs to take in order to find the purpose of life.
We offer video lectures and have meetings to discuss how to obtain an absolute form of happiness.
I hope you'll stop by and attend a meeting when you have a chance! Below, you'll find some more information about what Buddhism is all about as well as our contact info and location.

In Buddhism, we learn that there are two kinds of joy.

Relative Happiness

All the happiness we know is called Relative Happiness.
Money, status, fame, wealth, family, friends, and our loved ones are all included in this category.
Politics, economics, medicine, and the arts also try to provide us with Relative happiness.
We seek for this type of happiness day in, day out hoping we can attain true satisfaction from it.

Absolute Happiness

We are all seeking for a happiness which will truly last.
This kind of happiness is called Absolute Happiness.
The purpose of life is to attain it as quickly as possible while still alive.

Learn more at our meetups and check out some of our topics:
The Law of Cause and Effect
Six Good Deeds that Bring Happiness
Mirror of Truth
Dark Mind is the Root Cause of Suffering


¿Estás buscando el sentido de tu vida?
¿Has sentido felicidad alguna vez?...
¿Nunca dura?

Este grupo budista tiene un gran ambiente multicultural que te ayuda a buscar respuestas a las grandes preguntas de la vida.

Mediante las enseñanzas de Buda y de nuestros maestros budistas podemos entender mejor la dirección que debemos tomar para así encontrar el propósito de la vida.
Ofrecemos lecciones en video y tenemos encuentros para analizar el como poder obtener una forma absoluta de felicidad.
¡Esperamos que tengas la oportunidad de participar cuando puedas!
A continuación podrás encontrar más información acerca de que se trata el Budismo, así como también nuestra información de contacto y dirección.

En budismo podrás aprender que existen dos tipos de felicidad:

La Felicidad Relativa
La felicidad que conocemos es felicidad relativa: dinero, estatus, fama, riqueza, familia, amigos y nuestros seres queridos, todos están incluidos en este tipo de felicidad.La política, economía, medicina y las artes también intentan entregarnos felicidad relativa.Día tras día buscamos este tipo de felicidad, con la esperanza de obtener verdadera satisfacción.

Felicidad Absoluta
Todos buscamos algún tipo de felicidad que sea realmente duradera. Este tipo de felicidad es llamada Felicidad Absoluta. El propósito de la vida es obtener este tipo de felicidad estando aún vivos.

Si deseas saber más, asiste a nuestros encuentros (meetups) y así aprender algunos de nuestros temas, tales como:
La ley de causa y efecto.
Las seis buenas acciones que brindan felicidad.
El espejo de la verdad.
La mente oscura es la principal causa de sufrimiento.