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Sisterhood International Society (SIS) is a microcosmic representation of the world where women from all nations are united to foster friendship, camaraderie, empowerment, support and joy among each other.

We want serious members only; hence, before you click "Join Us", please note that:

1) We are purely a social organization. Although we have many members who are political, religious, and social activists, we discourage any recruitment/discussions relating to these subjects during any of our events.

2) We require you to post a recognizable profile photo of your face for security reasons. Your application for membership will not be approved without your profile photo.

3) We try to limit our membership to a manageable number in order to maintain the group's exclusivity and forge a close relationship with our SISters. We normally have a waiting list of applicants; we give the highest priority to those who are friends with, or who are referred by, existing members.

4) We only allow members at our events, so please do not bring guests to events.

5) We require a membership fee of $10 per year, which is used to pay Meetup fees and miscellaneous SIS event expenses, such as an occasional a free dinner and lunch; clubhouse fees for our major events; party supplies; birthday cakes; game prizes and gifts' etc. You must pay the $10 annual dues in CASH within 90 days, in person when you attend your first event with us in a public setting. Our private events (in-home parties) are open to paid members only who have attended at least one public event.

6) You may be removed from the group if: (a) You fail to pay your dues within 90 days; (b) You have been inactive for more than 6 months (whether or not your dues are current), or are a "No Show" 3 or more times to your RSVPed events.

7) If you have been a "No Show" at past events, inactive for more then 6 months, or your dues are not current, then you will be moved from a "Yes" RSVP to the waitlist for an event with a waitlist. We do not want to deny our more active members access to some of our more popular events.

8) If you are a "No Show" or do not cancel 48 hours prior to an event with a waitlist, then you will be moved to the waitlist for future events with a waitlist. This is so that we are courteous to all of our members and ensure waitlisted people are not denied from attending an event where someone cancelled late or was a "No Show".

9) We request that you host or co-host at least one event during the year.

Thank you.


Maria P, C.K., Cristina, Ji Soo, Lalitha, Mar


SIS was founded on June 1, 2015 by Maria Panlilio, Marcella Iñiguez and Susan Azar, and is currently managed by the Leadership Team.

Risks and Waiver of Liability. The Sisterhood International Society (“SIS”) holds various types of events that include some physical activities, including, but not limited to, games, hiking, dancing, and road trips. Attendees understand that risks of injuries and damages can occur at any time and any place. Therefore, attendees agree to waive, discharge claims, and release SIS and its members from any liability on account of, or in any way resulting from injuries and damages while participating on any group event.


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