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A group for users of Apache Spark (http://spark.apache.org/). Spark quickly grown to be one of the most active projects in big data, with more contributors in the past year than Hadoop. We are a diverse bunch of Data Engineers, Teachers, Students, Researchers, Data Scientist and Machine Learning practitioners in Barcelona area. Experienced users as well as novices are welcome.Join us and participate in our activities!

Somos un grupo alrededor de Apache Spark (http://spark.apache.org/) una de las tecnologías Big Data que más ha crecido últimamente. El grupo lo componemos diferentes perfiles de personas: Ingenieros de Datos, Profesores, Estudiantes, Investigadores, Científicos de Datos, profesionales de Machine Learning. ¡Únete a nosotros y participa en las actividades que hemos preparado.

Som un meetup al voltant de Apache Spark (http://spark.apache.org/). Spark ha crescut molt ràpidament esdevenint un dels projects més actius en el món de Big Data, amb més contributors que hadoop en el darrer any. El grup el composem diferents perfils de persones: Enginyers de Dades, Professors, Estudiants, Investigadors, Científics de Dades, profesionals del Machine Learning. Apunta't i participa en les activitats que hem preparat!

More Spark Meetup around the world: http://spark.meetup.com/all/ (http://spark.meetup.com)

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Migrating Batch Jobs into Structured Streaming, w/ Marc Gonzàlez from Adevinta

Hey there! We are so happy to end the year strong with Marc Gonzàlez, who will bring us some light on how to tackle streaming processing challenges when developing our pipelines. See you Thursday 28th of November, 19:00. Adevinta is hosting the meetup, and will delight us with an amazing venue, drinks and pizzas!! Don't miss it! Abstract: Decreasing latency in analytics systems is a very desired feature these days, yet near real-time application are still considered complicated, complex and scary. In this introductory talk we will review the core concepts of streaming systems and their batch equivalency, while showcasing how to migrate our current Spark Batch jobs into Structured Streaming by solving its practical challenges along the way. Finally we're going to propose a new framework for approaching new developments that can run either in batch or streaming mode without changing a line of code. Bio Marc Gonzalez is a Freelance Data Engineer currently working on Adevinta's new Data Platform for Spanish sites. He has 5+ years of experience applying Big Data technologies to Classifieds world.

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