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Essential Parfumerie Make and Take
Let's get together and make our own perfume!! The term "fragrance" covers over 500 ingredients, including toxic chemicals that are protected by "trade secret" and are not required to be identified. Some of those toxic chemicals are responsible for respiratory distress, eye and sinus irritation, mental fatigue, and even raised blood pressure. It is now against many workplace policies to use "fragrance" in order to protect those that are sensitive to toxic chemicals. We will do a quick discussion about the differences between toxic chemicals and essential oils, the Seed to Seal guarantee of Young Living, and then we will jump right into making perfume! There will be a few different options available, each recipe will be $5 and will come with a recipe card for you to replicate later! Anyone who purchases a Premium Starter Kit at the event will receive 3 perfumes for free! For more information, follow me here:

1208 Monique Ave

1208 Monique Avenue · Bakersfield

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