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Welcome to our group! It's open to anyone living with chronic migraine. This group is for those with “Chronic Migraine,” defined by the International Headache Society, as more than fifteen headache days per month over a minimum of three month period, of which more than eight are migrainous, and not due to medication overuse. Episodic migraine is the other migraine sub-type, which is defined as less than 15 headache days per month. If you fall into the latter category, please do not join this group.

It's isolating to live with an invisible illness, and we offer a safe, sensitive, non-judgmental space to share your experience, to give and receive support. We empathize with each other, and feel understood. Though this doesn't help migraine pain, it bolsters our internal resources: we're able to better deal with the emotional stress, because we're less alone. We talk about everything key for us in living with chronic head pain, e.g. ramifications and repercussions--on mood, job, family, Self, finances, social and sex life . . . nothing is off limits. We try to be unconditionally accepting of each other. Depending on your needs in the group, we may also do basic education about migraine and headache, debunk myths, trade current research and literature, refer each other to neurologists in the area. Regardless of the treatment protocol you're using: preventive medications, pain killers, alternative healing, lifestyle interventions, a combination---we respect each others' methods. We NEVER judge. If we stumble, we self-correct. The group is flexible and dynamic: no set agenda or protocol; we'll 'go with the flow' and collaborate on the structure, content and process each meeting. It's up to you, how much, what, and what not to share. You can be as vulnerable or as protected as you need to be. Please use this forum in any way helpful to you. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

With Healing Wishes for Everyone,


Ranjan :-)


[For those dreaded times when we're in relentless pain, no preventive or abortive intervention works, everything is failing, we fear falling, staring into despair and dark muck, brain crashing through skull, intestines churning echo, vomit round the corner . . . we're feverishly scouring cyberspace for hope and relief . . . something, anything new to try. For those days of dank and bleak, for those horror-filled nights of rot and black, here's a list]: (National Headache Foundation--NHF) (American Academy of Neurology) (International Headache Society)

www.Migraine Research (Organization for Understanding Cluster Headache) (World Headache Alliance)

www. (American Council on Headache Education) (Headway)

MigraineCast (Migraine podcast)


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