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Tech is shaping our future and we are ready to take the lead on creating it. It's time to give space for tech designed by all and for all. We don't settle for one-size-fits-all solutions, so we make space for what's non-binary and all it's transformations along the way. We are for every woman - from body, soul or mind. More than doing things alone, we rather build alliances to create new scenarios. Using a common language makes it easier to find solutions together. We believe in plural, collective and diverse communities. Everything is connected. We have a thing for solving problems and we are not afraid to use data for good. We know the impact of bringing new things in the world. We care about the next generations and we want to be protagonists on shaping new possible futures for them. We know the strength of a line of code and the exponential power of an algorithm. We are the space where women and tech go well together and we are ready to bring change. We want experiences that shows us the infinite between 0 and 1. There is a place where your code follow your rules and it becomes your voice to bring social change. We are the 50% who is ready to click with tech. We are allwomen.

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allWomen Labs #2: Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau

MOB Caterina - Coworking in Barcelona

25,00 €

→ This is your weekly opportunity to learn from other women about the up and coming topics being explored in tech. Bring your computer and make it happen. 👉 allWomen Labs #2: Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau In this session we will cover the basics of data visualization using Tableau. We will go through data visualization best practices, how to choose the most appropriate graph type for each situation and what pitfalls to avoid when creating data visualizations. We will also cover the fundamentals of Tableau, one of the most widely used BI tools to create dashboards. By the end of the session you will have visually explored a dataset and created a dashboard with valuable insights. The session will be held in English. No previous experience with Tableau is needed. You will need to install Tableau Public for Windows / Mac and create a free account (available here). The lab will be conducted by Anna Fedotova, Product Data Analysit. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/annafedotova/) -------- Building community is within our core: we learn from (and with!) each other, grow together and celebrate our journeys! < every Wednesday, at allWomen > Each workshop costs 25€. Limited seats.

Shehacks adidas; a unique opportunity for women in tech

adidas Digital HUB

APPLICATIONS DEADLINE ON APRIL 26TH -> www.allwomen.tech/resources/events/shehacks_adidas/ On May 11th , adidas and AllWomen invites you to a day at the adidas Digital Hub in Zaragoza. You'll get to know the team behind it and potentially get the chance to work in one of the world’s coolest companies! Sounds interesting? Here is what you should bring: ✔ Background in tech. ✔ Professional experience in front-end, back-end, salesforce, QA or mobile. If your answer is "Yes!" then a future position at the adidas Digital Hub might be closer than you think. We are looking for 20 women with experience in tech to join us. Sounds good? Get on board and share this amazing experience with us. Save the date: Friday, May 11th! Apart from having a fun day getting to know the company and its people from a closer look, you'll connect with other women who share the same challenges and opportunities on their journey in tech. Let's make the most out of it! AGENDA: 10h – 10h30 Yoga with adidas 10h30 – 11h HR/TA hits the stage 11h – 11h30 Healthy Breakfast 11h30 – 13h Conversation with adidas: business insights (tbc). Sharing a journey in adidas. 13h – 13h30 Hiring interviews 13h30 – 14h Feedback & Closing **The transport to and from Zaragoza will be arrange for the selected candidates from all around Spain (candidates from abroad will be deal case by case).

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allWomen Labs #1: Unix & Github, learn the basics

MOB Caterina - Coworking in Barcelona

20,00 €

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