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This is a social and support group for anyone with childhood PTSD or BPD.

At the moment our events tend to attract mostly people aged 29+ (occasionally with one or two people in their early twenties) so in case anyone wants to host under 30s events then I am happy for them to do so. We're a friendly bunch and everyone is welcome at our events regardless of age but I know that some younger folks might prefer to hang out with a predominantly younger crowd so I'm just mentioning that to give you a general idea of how our group looks...

Disclaimer > Please note that this is an informal and social peer group, which is not too dissimilar from going to a pub or cafe with any bunch of people you don't know. It's not a therapy group or even a formal support group and so it's important not to have any serious expectations about it. Although I don't envisage any problems, please remember that it is a public meetup and so it's very important to be responsible for your own safety and well-being. My hope is that we will have a relaxing time in the company of mostly very understanding people :-)


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