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We are a community of innovators who organize and lead inspiring presentations and workshops to help professionals to be update on the last trends in businesses, from innovation and agile methodologies to other ways of thinking economy and society to have a better and sustainable life, organization and society.

Our top-topics:

- Co-creation with systematic innovation: how the frameworks can help your team to create new products, improve processes and business models.

- Motivate people and create more effective teams with agile methodologies.

- New technology and business model trends: with business cases and networking.

Key Facts:

- Started in Berlin as a Meetup in 2016: https://www.meetup.com/businessmodelrepublic/ (https://www.meetup.com/businessmodelrepublic/)

- More than 5000 members in Berlin, London and Barcelona, and growing

- More than 60 events created (in situ and online)

- More than 30 guest speakers and facilitators

- Attendees from more than 20 different countries, from Startups to Corporates


- The events are in English, after work and available online divided in two main parts: an inspiring talk and time for networking.

Other channels:

Our website: http://www.businessmodelrepublic.com

Our Linktr.ee: https://linktr.ee/BusinessModelRepublic


Wanna learn about innovation and entrepreneurship? www.e-bloom.net (http://www.e-bloom.net)

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WebExpo 2022 Prague

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We are again community partners of the WebExpo 2022 (June 10-12 in Prague & online) conference. Therefore, we are giving away one FREE Conference ticket to attend this event as well as a 15% off code created specifically for you to purchase your conference ticket: bmrepublic15 (not applicable to collab with frontendisti.cz tickets or premium workshops).

We will have the chance to meet in person at Palace Lucerna of Prague and enjoy over 70 practical talks, hands-on workshops, with the chance to meet 1700 participants from different parts of Europe.

Some interesting speakers to follow:

  • Successful Journeys: Using Human-centred design for better wayfinding - Journeys and maps are crucial for good UX and Service Design. Still, so many of us feel lost in both physical and digital places. In this talk, Alastair Somerville uses an ABCD model to explain the neuroscience and narrative patterns of wayfinding with examples from projects in museums, Virtual Reality, and more.
  • Diagnosing UX charlatans: how to spot them quickly and stop wasting time, money, and nerves - The demand for UX experts is exponentially growing. However, it is also attracting many amateurs and fake representatives of the discipline. This can be very damaging both to young professionals and business. In this talk, Martina Mitz will share the 9 symptoms to watch out for to avoid UX charlatans.
  • Zsuzsa Kovács: To be announced. - As Product manager at Prezi and organizer of Amuse UX Conference, she will share how Cognitive Biases can affect our research and the main methods to avoid them.


  • The first member that correctly answers the following question: Who is giving the talk "CO-OWNING A STARTUP: A CRASH COURSE ON STOCK OPTIONS FOR TECH AND STARTUP TEAMS" on Saturday 11th
  • We will only accept answers submitted to this Meetup Event Page on Comments.

The event will have different activities to encourage networking such as workshops, Roundtable discussions, Mentor Hours, speakers’ corner, and meeting areas.


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