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Craft chocolate tasting workshop!
Hello friends! We're running our first craft chocolate gathering of 2019 and you're invited! On the agenda: We'll be tasting internationally award-winning handcrafted chocolates currently unavailable in Singapore, so come expecting exceptional quality and fantastic flavour! We'll introduce craft chocolate and taste four chocolate origins. We’ll learn to taste with colour as well. Get ready to have fun! To celebrate our first-ever tasting, we’re making this workshop complimentary [for Chocolatey Cheer members only]. Guests pay a goodwill price of S$10, applicable only to this session. RSVP open till spots filled. Hope to see you there! Your fellow Oompa Loompa, Ruth


#03-01, 8 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229572 · Singapur

10,00 AUD
Respuesta antes del: 20/1/2019

    Lo que hacemos

    Chocolate is made from cacao beans. These beans have three times the flavour compounds red wine does. This means craft chocolate [made by hand using beans from different world origins] tastes different with every bar. If you love chocolate and want to experience every different flavour it has, this is the group for you. Tasting sessions with unusual and microbatch craft chocolates not readily available elsewhere in Singapore coming soon!

    For more information on how chocolate is made, the positive impact it has on farming communities, and a sense of true chocolate flavours, do visit our founder's e-store (