Meetup with Ionic HQ Team

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The Ionic is one of the most popular frameworks for building mobile apps with HTML5, JS, CSS and AngularJS. At this meetup, we will take a quick look at what Ionic offers, do a question and answer session, and socialize!


- This session has limited capacity. You need to get a ticket after we confirm your RSVP.

- Please sign up RSVP in order to get your ticket.

- Please remove your RSVP and cancel your ticket if you're unable to attend.

- Join our open Angular community slack ( Get your invite instantly here (

- Spread the word about this event, it's organized for you, you are our main players and we ask you for your commitment.

- Everyone is welcome!


We are happy to announce that GFT will sponsor this meetup, big thanks to them to trust in our project and help us to keep doing more free meetups for the community