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Welcome to Our Community!

Welcome to a group of people looking to have fun learning, growing and meeting others in Adelaide.

Whether you are someone who is interested in NLP & Hypnosis or whether you are someone who has experience with NLP & Hypnosis or perhaps you have never heard of it and are looking to discover the power of communication and understand even more about yourself and others.. you are in the right place!

If You Are Someone Who Has Already Had Experience With It...

Awesome! We love having people with experience as part of this group and giving you the opportunity to meet people who are like-minded and perhaps others who you can either practice with or talk to...

If You Are Curious....

Come along and join our fun and enthusiastic community who enjoy learning, growing, great conversation! Whether you are looking to meet new people, discover the power of communication, improve or add to your relationships or just curious to have fun this is the place to be!

What is Different About This Group?

We love to add value to people, give people tools and inspire discussions that help people in their everyday life..... We also love to socialise and really get to know people.... In this meetup we combine both of these so that at every meetup there is a presentation by a dynamic and passionate speaker followed by coffee or a drink nearby so that you can ask questions, share stories and build the community!!

Why We Do It?

It's all about making a difference and inspiring people interested in NLP & Hypnosis in the local community to join together have fun, grow together!

See You At The Next Meetup!