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Hormone Balancing 101: Natural ways to feel younger
Feeling stressed, overworked, and tired? There are many ways that our body’s natural hormone cycles can fall out of rhythm and cause these unwanted symptoms. Join Drs. Garek Ng and Anna Feagan for a discussion on how hormones work in our bodies, why they get thrown off balance and some natural ways to reset them.

SD Public Library La Jolla

7555 Draper Ave · La Jolla, CA

Lo que hacemos

We are Dr. Garek Ng, ND and Dr. Anna Feagan, ND. We are Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine. Our 4 year post graduate training gives us expertise in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, natural medicine, and lab testing. This allows us to provide health care with an integrative approach. Our goal is to share our views on the latest topics in healthy living and integrative medicine with the San Diego area!