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This is a group for anyone interested in playing music as a hobby. Why this Meetup? You love creating music but it is hard to play when you have a 24/7 job; You currently struggle to find musicians in your area; You would love to meet new people that also play the guitar, the piano, the sax, the bass, the drums, sing, etc; You simply want to have a great time while jamming! All skill levels are welcome.

Este es un grupo para cualquier persona que toque un instrumento como hobby. ¿Porqué este Grupo? Te encanta componer o transcribir a otros artistas pero te dedicas a otra ejercer otra profesión; batallas para encontrar músicos en tu zona; te encantaría conocer a otros músicos como tu que canten, toquen la guitarra, bajo, sax, bateria, etc.; simplemente quieres echar un jam! Todos los niveles aceptados

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Let's Meetup and Jam!
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Hey! It has been a while. Are you ready to rock and make music? The first to confirm on the following instruments will meet in la Condesa for a rock / jazz / fusion session: 1. Bass Player 2. Drum Player 3. Guitar Player 4. Vocals 5. Piano Player 6. Sax Player: Confirmed Talk soon!

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Jazz Jam Session

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