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Speed Friending for Smart & Shy Singles (Ages 40-59) - Online

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Sarah R.
Speed Friending for Smart & Shy Singles (Ages 40-59) - Online


A short meet and greet session for new members.

In small groups you'll have time to chat with similar aged singles from New York area.

You'll have ice-breaker conversation prompts to make it easy to begin the chat. For example:

  • " What are your favorite restaurants around here? "
  • " If you had to pick any character in a book, movie, or TV show who is most similar to you, who would you choose? Why? '
  • " What job did you want to do when you were a kid? "


- RSVP to the event.
- Mark the date / time in your calendar so you remember to join us
- Click the Zoom link 5 minutes before the event begins to ensure you're admitted.
- There's only 100 spots available.
- Ensure your camera and microphone work in Zoom.
- Test these the day before the event by going into Zoom's testing service.
- Come along and have fun meeting new people in Zoom.

"Hi, my name is Sarah and I have an Australian accent. I've been hosting singles events since 2015. I used to be a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I have travelled to almost 60 countries. I've been on a journey to overcome my shyness... and I love helping people to make new connections. Let's have some fun together. You can learn more about my services at"

New York Dating Smart & Shy Singles
New York Dating Smart & Shy Singles
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