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The Santa Monica Philosophy Now Meetup
Hey People! I will update the date and time information for our next Meetup soon. We will be meeting at our usual place in Santa Monica. I hope to see you there! If your plans to attend have changed, please update your RSVP! If you're not able to make it, be kind and free up space on the RSVP list for someone else. If I haven't already, I'll send out an email with more details about the Meetup, including the list of topics to vote on, in the week or two before the Meetup. You can vote by replying to the email with the title of your favorite question(s). If the Meetup is less than 3 days away and you haven't received this email, let me know and I'll send it to you again. Or, you can also find that email at the top of our Meetup’s Message board at (Or, go to this Meetup's home page and click “More” on the menu near to the top of our Meetup’s webpage, then select “Message Board”). Closer to the Meetup date, I send out another email announcing what that topic is, and what readings we have for it. If you want to go and the RSVP list is full, go ahead and sign up anyway; you'll automatically be added to the waiting list. If enough people cancel their RSVP, the Meetup site will instantly move you from the waiting list to the "Yes" list. This regularly happens in the week before the Meetup. For those who'd like to join us, we'll go for dinner and more conversation after the Meetup. When more than about 20 people show up to a Meetup, we break up into small groups of about 8-10 people each for about half of the discussion time. For the second half of the discussion, we'll get back together in a large circle and go over our final thoughts on the topic, as well as the interesting ideas that came up in our smaller break-out groups. Brian PS. If you have some philosophical question or issue that you’ve been dying to talk about, email it to me! That's how we get topics every month for our vote. Also, please feel free to send me any other suggestions you have about the Meetup or the format of our monthly discussions.

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PHILOSOPHY is the theme at this friendly, monthly discussion group. In a circle, we discuss and debate the philosophical question we selected by an email vote among five questions submitted by participants, or taken from an issue of Philosophy Now magazine. We discuss and debate all areas of philosophy (as well as the philosophical aspects of the great issues of the day).

If you want to meet like-minded people for a good, impassioned yet rational and respectful conversation, free of insults and ad hominem attacks, then join us!