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A meetup to network and discuss themes and books that will help you succeed in business, practice self development, and maintain your happiness.

Each meetup will focus on networking, theme, and a book supporting the theme. You do not need to read the book! If you do want to read or know these books then they can be read fully, by cliff notes (book summaries), or by an audiobook. For each meetup links to the full book, book summary, and the audiobook will be listed in the meetup's description. Enjoy and see you soon!

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Networking & BClub - Theme: Communication (Crucial Conversations)

We will network and the meetup’s theme will be about communication. To discuss the theme you can use the book below as a reference. You do not need to read or know the book, just come to network, listen, and share experiences and contacts. Agenda 0. Pre-Meetup Networking 1. Introductions 2. Networking 3. Briefly discuss the current theme and book, our experiences about the topics, and its benefits (You do not have to read/listen to the book if you don't want to. Myself and others will have notes on the topics in the book) 4. Post-Meetup Networking WhatsApp [masked] if you have any questions - Book: Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson Book resources below - Free video book summary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-ZKkDpeleE - Free text book summary http://www.wikisummaries.org/wiki/Crucial_Conversations:_Tools_for_Talking_When_Stakes_are_High - - Physical book --> https://amzn.to/2VxKnom Digital book --> https://amzn.to/2PK24vL Audiobook, full book --> https://amzn.to/2GHSdCv >FREE with Audible trial Instaread, audio & text book summary --> https://instaread.co/insights/business-economics-leadership-management/the-ultimate-sales-machine-book/g6hxshwgvf - -

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Success Networking & BClub - Meetup Theme: Sales