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Inspired brewers of all levels and disciplines welcome! This is a group for true collaboration, with opportunities to make your own artisanal beer, soda, mead and cider - and perfect your craft. Whether you're looking to make fine liquids for the first time in your life, or bump your beverages to world-class levels, this is the meetup for you. We will be discussing the techniques of some of the world's most respected brewers, share hundreds of recipes (several are gluten-free and herbal), and deeply explore the origins of water, yeast strains and water treatment. I am extremely fortunate to be given access to brew with the cleanest, most virgin water in all of Mexico right here in Roma Norte! And now I have the opportunity to share this source with you, my fellow would-be brewers.

This meetup group is designed to reach out to all potential brewers eager to learn more. I formally invite you to the facility where our courses are given, and receive a tour of how the water is collected and treated here. You'll also have an opportunity to try some of our wonderful brews with paired food and live music!