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  • Are you are wandering in circles trying to find the Holy Grail of your niche...... your WHY?
  • Do you now understand intimately the famous African saying 'If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together?
  • Is being part of something bigger than yourself in your vocabulary?

Then you are in the right place, of course, that is only if you put your 'ACT into MOTION to create ACTION!

As entrepreneurs we are wired to take on the world by ourselves. We dig in, work hard, and are determined to be self-made. Why would we need someone to tell us what to do? Isn't that why we started our own business in the first place, to avoid that?

I'm a firm believer in business coaches and mentors. In fact, I have had multiple mentors and a longtime personal coach to help guide me through my own business and life challenges. These knowledge-building experts provide layers of value to the small business owner. They can spot your weak points, give objective outside counsel, and hold you accountable to your goals.

Experienced coaches have seen businesses grow throughout every stage and know the challenges that come with every step. Some entrepreneurs will never consider one because they feel either they know their business better than anyone else or they think they "should" know everything about their business.

It can be difficult to swallow some pride and reach out for help. However, many small business owners are seeing the value of coaches. As a result, they are taking advantage of one of the greatest resources at their disposal.


There are so many supposed coaches out there that have bought a certification or accreditation and have NEVER, I repeat NEVER achieved what they are trying to coach you in......... and that is SUCCES!

What do you get if you cross a Mentor with a Coach?

A Guide

A guide is someone that has walked a mile in the shoes of success and has all the peer reviews and awards to prove it...... Someone who is actively building their own businesses and initiatives using the same knowledge that they are going to pass on to you!

This Meetup Group is all about Guiding you to Success, our Meetups will be a mixture of Social and Workshops, some FREE and some PAID.

We look forward to welcoming you to a Meetup soon.

Kindest regards

Allan 'Big Al' Connolly
Founder and Managing Director
The Whealth Group Pty Ltd
Powering Kommuniti HQ and
Transition Kollaborative
Links: linktr.ee/bigalconnolly

ps......... Got an idea and don't know where or how to start?

Step into FLOW and learn as you go as a Volunteer for Purpose. You will be trained, guided, and Mentored for FREE as you build something much greater than us all, "A Community-Owned Unicorn!"

There are around 10,000 suburbs in Australia and we are planning to have a Social Capitalist in every suburb, Building Kommuniti Wealth and Wellbeing in the suburb where they live.

Visit bigalconnolly.org to see if YOUR suburb is available for you to lead!

Already have a successful business and you now want to scale? Then you will benefit from the Circle Leadership Global, a high-end Mentoring, Coaching, and Entrepreneur in Residence Community. bit.ly/CircleLeadershipBigAl

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