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☀️ Decentraland Developer Workshop ☀️

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Jim L. and Patmacs
☀️   Decentraland Developer Workshop   ☀️


☀️ Decentraland Developer Workshop ☀️

☀️ Join us every Wednesday for a Workshop Series on How to Develop on Decentraland with EthBuilders NYC, Blockchain Developers United Austin and the Blockchain Acceleration foundation! ☀️

⏰ Join us TODAY
⚡ Bring your code, any questions you have, or show us what you're building!
⚡ Meet like-minded people!
⚡ We are Beginner-Friendly and no question is too simple to answer!

Each session are lived streamed on Twitch:

Learn more about Blockchain Developers United Austin 👉
Learn More about the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation 👉

Decentraland Links 👉

🖥 Before The Bootcamp: Basic Training BootCamp Prep 🖥
Click the link 👇 Enroll For Free:


🎤 Introduction
🎤 Review Code, Ask and Answer Questions
🎤 Review / Discuss A Protocol
🎤 Review / Discuss A Whitepaper 📄
🎤 Review / Discuss anything current, past, or present related to:
⚡ DeFi, Economics, and Tech
⚡ Want to Build a project? Looking for Teammates? Come on Down!


If you’d like to contribute, please check out our Open Source Repos:

Currently, we are building our community’s website:


Hello World! We are hosting events remotely.

Our goal is to foster a community where attendees can Learn, Grow, and Create a network in the Decentralization space. We aim to create a Collaborative and Welcoming Environment Attendees from ALL backgrounds can learn about the space, keep up with innovations, share cool projects and coding tips, talk shop, and expand their network.

We are beginner-friendly and no question is too simple to answer!

Distributed Ledger Technology is as important to society as double-entry accounting and the publicly traded company. It will allow humans to scale their collaborative efforts and realize new manners of organization and prosperity. We hope to help you on your journey to build the future.

We're excited to help build a stronger Blockchain Developer Community in New York City and now, the WORLD.


  1. Our Slack:




Helping to build a Decentralized World to help scale permissionless human collaboration.

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🖥 Before the Bootcamp: Basic Training BootCamp Prep 🖥
Click the link 👇 Enroll For Free:

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