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Hello & welcome to the Ethical Reading (as in the town in the UK) meetup group. This is a group for people who want to help make a positive difference to the way groups and organisations of all types behave. We want to improve the ethical behaviour of organisations by empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to do this.

Ethical Reading is a non-profit social enterprise whose key aim is to encourage organisations, by working through individuals, to give greater priority to ethical behaviour with particular focus on how they treat their employees and the environment.

Our vision is that society can be positively transformed by organisations with a deeply rooted ethical behaviour, who are strongly engaged with the local community and who act in an environmentally sustainable way. You can find out more about us at our website: https://www.ethicalreading.org.uk

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How to create your organisation's 'new normal'

Online event

During the lockdown we have witnessed exceptional behaviours and actions by individuals and organisations in looking after the vulnerable and providing additional support at a time of worry and anxiety. At the same time we have seen that remote working can be effective, reduces pollution and saves on commute time to the benefit of the individual, the organisation and the wider community. The dislocation and disruption caused by Covid-19, provides us with an opportunity to make a step change in workplace culture so that going forward Reading is seen as a place where businesses balance people with profit, reward ethical behaviours, prioritise environmental sustainability and are inclusive and caring. Extensive research shows that people are more at ease and creative in such workplaces and up to 20-30% more productive. We will be exploring several questions: How do we capture the best of what we have seen so that going forward we move towards more caring, sustainable, ethical workplaces and communities? What are the implications for business leaders? Will prioritising people and the environment hit financial results? What can we learn from businesses that are already leaders in creating such cultures? How do you create such a positive, ethical and vibrant work culture? Come and join us on this journey to #RebootReading with more caring, sustainable, ethical workplaces and communities. Agenda Part 1: Leadership insights on the 'new normal' (10-11am) Panel discussion with local business and public sector leaders including: Paul Hargreaves, CEO Cotswold Fayre and author of 'Forces for Good' Rachel Eden, CEO Holybrook Associates and Deputy Mayor of Reading, Shan Beersteecher, Club Exec AND Digital. Part 2: How to create your organisation's 'new normal' (11am - 1pm) A series of 20 minute presentations with breaks on how to create your very own 'new normal' split into two streams: Stream 1: Creating and maintaining great workplace cultures e.g. How ethical Super Teams deliver exceptional performance The ethics of environmental sustainability Secrets to building lasting relationships within your team and with your customers Stream 2: Wellbeing in times of anxiety e.g. Build Back Better - using 5 Ways to Wellbeing Finding your balance at a time of anxiety Promoting positive mental health in the workplace We will be posting a more detailed breakdown of these sessions over the coming days.

July Webinar- The ethics of risk

Online event

When is it morally acceptable for a person, business, or government knowingly to expose others to risk without their consent? It is tempting to think that the answer is never, and that it is wrong to expose someone to risk unless they have agreed. But a moment’s thought shows that this would make normal life impossible. Driving a car imposes risks on other drivers and pedestrians. Even walking imposes some risks on others. And as we have recognised recently, staying at home imposes risks on those who make deliveries. Risk is an avoidable part of life, yet surely not all risk imposition is acceptable. What makes the difference? In this talk we will discuss how the ethical issues can be addressed, and what problems still remain. Joining the Webinar We will be using ZOOM for the webinar. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Please scroll to the bottom of the email to the 'Additional Information' section to see instructions for joining the webinar About the speaker – Professor Jonathan Wolff Jonathan Wolff is the Alfred Landecker Professor of Values and Public Policy and Governing Body Fellow at Wolfson College. He was formerly Blavatnik Chair in Public Policy at the School, and before that Professor of Philosophy and Dean of Arts and Humanities at UCL. He is currently developing a new research programme on revitalising democracy and civil society, in accordance with the aims of the Alfred Landecker Professorship. His other current work largely concerns equality, disadvantage, social justice and poverty, as well as applied topics such as public safety, disability, gambling, and the regulation of recreational drugs, which he has discussed in his books Ethics and Public Policy: A Philosophical Inquiry (Routledge 2011) and The Human Right to Health (Norton 2012). His most recent book is An Introduction to Moral Philosophy (Norton 2018). Join us If you haven’t already, please join the Ethical Reading movement! Individual membership is free. Simply click on the ‘Login / Register’ link at the top of any page of the website. You can sign up to join our mailing list by filling in the form on the homepage. We also welcome organisations to join us as Partners. Please contact us at [masked] to find out more.

Ethical property: what are the issues for Reading?

Online event

Our July meetup will explore what the ethical property issues are for Reading and the surrounding Thames Valley areas. We feel that there are strong ethical links to property matters, which are defined through: sustainability, building a sense of place in the Reading landscape and in development, construction and management related areas. During the meetup, we will share with you why we are progressing this new Programme, present a summary of initial research outputs and hope to hear your ideas on how we can create a positive change in this area through engaging break out discussions. In this session, Chris Beales, Environment Agency and former Chair of Reading Climate Change Partnership (RCCP) will also provide you with a brief introduction into the exciting and ambitious work that has been undertaken towards driving the overall vision for a net carbon zero Reading by 2030. Chris will introduce you to the work undertaken by the RCCP and Reading Climate Action Network, who are leading on the response to climate change in Reading. Key vehicles for change include: Readings first Climate Change Adaptation Plan and Readings Climate Emergency Strategy. Agenda 6:30 - 6:45pm: Arrive and interact with others in our poll and join us for a virtual refreshment 6:45 - 7:00pm: Welcome and introduction of speaker 7:00 - 7:15pm: Presentation of topic 7:15 - 7:35pm: Discussion in breakout rooms with feedback 7:35 - 7:55pm: Report back by break out groups and further discussions 7:55 - 8:00pm: Wrap-up and mentions of relevant upcoming events etc Join us to get inspired and learn more about how these plans and strategies are creating a positive, collaborative, action- led movement to combat the climate change crisis in Reading. About the speaker - Chis Beales Chris Beales, until recently was the Chair of the Reading Climate Change Partnership (from 2016 onwards), and continues as an active member of the board, where he represents the Environment Agency. His interest in Climate Change goes back to his University days and lead him to create a climate change information website (www.chrisbeales.net) to try and help make sense of the issue. He then became more involved within the Environment Agency looking at: risk assessments for our river catchments; concepts for adaptation planning; and how to communicate climate change issues with colleagues. Join us If you haven’t already, please join the Ethical Reading movement! Individual membership is free. Simply click on the ‘Login / Register’ link at the top of any page of the website- https://www.ethicalreading.co.uk You can sign up to join our mailing list by filling in the form on the homepage. We also welcome organisations to join us as Partners. Please contact us at [masked] to find out more.

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Circular Economy in the time of Covid-19

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