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Scala for Data Science Products: Functional Programming and Play Framework

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Eureka AI and WeWork are excited to present the last seminar in our series about Building Data Science Products at Scale! This seminar comprises two topics exploring the use of Scala for building Data Science products.

Functional Programming and Big Data Analytics in Scala by Dr. Keen Dang, Eureka AI

Functional programming (FP) is a paradigm based on the concepts of functions, immutability and algebraic operations. With the rapid development of data-centric applications, core ideas of functional programming are increasingly being applied, due to its elegance and efficiency. In this talk, we will go through important concepts of FP and their relevance in parallel computation. The examples will be demonstrated in Scala, a versatile programming language with its root in well-known frameworks such as Apache Spark™, Apache Kafka™, etc. We will also present case study of using FP and Scala in building real-world products.

Create Concurrent Web APIs Using Play and Scala by Dr. Seyed Ghotbi, Eureka AI

This talk introduces Web API development using Play framework and Scala, covering:

- Why Play might be useful for developing data applications
- How to develop an asynchronous Web application using Play
- How to develop applications using test-driven methodology
- How to use the Scala's Future API to develop asynchronous blocks of code
- How to handle failures gracefully


Dr. Keen Dang is currently Principal Data Scientist at Eureka AI. He obtained his Ph.D. from University of Paris 13 in computer science. His research interests include social network, telco analytics, spatio-temporal data mining. He has experiences in building large-scale data products in various domains.

Dr. Seyed Ghotbi is Data Scientist at Eureka AI. He has experience in both academia and industry, and his research interests are in programming languages and security. He is also a full-stack Scala developer and entrepreneur, having developed as a personal project. Seyed graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Southampton, a M.Sc. in Software Engineering Management at Kings College London University, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science at London Metropolitan University.