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EuroPubClub ( is a casual social group for people who like laid-back mingling in pubs and bars and having actual conversations. ( Obviously, you don't need to be European or a Pub to appreciate this.)

Meeting new people in Toronto is tough. To talk to someone in a nightclub, you basically have to yell at them long enough to start a clumsy, superficial exchange that probably involves crying to some extent. Great if you’re Paris Hilton, not so much for the rest of us.

We prefer a more "European" approach to drinking culture where the focus is interaction and conversation.

Simply put, it's a friendlier way of drinking.

Most of us have great legs, are in our 20s and 30s, and enjoy sipping drinks while chatting people up. We typically draw ~80 - 120 people out to these drinking and mingling sessions... you should really come check us out. Facebook ( | Twitter (

If you:

are friendly
enjoy meeting new people
want awesome drinking buddies from different cultures

…then we’ll get along great, this is absolutely the group for you, and we'd love to meet you.

We meet at 8pm on the last Wednesday of every month.

Everyone has tons of fun.

NOTE: This isn't a 'singles' or 'pick up' thing, just a gathering of good people chatting with new friends.

In the immortal words of Bill S. Preston, Esquire: "Be excellent to each other."

Please note we are LGBT, LGBTi, LGBTQ; all-sexes, all race, bi/tri/multi-race, colour, creed, religion, politics, nationality; all income and class; vegan, vegetarian, raw-food-lover, carnivore, pescetarian, omnivore; all-[legal]age; left-and-right handed, ambidextrous; all-height, all-weight, and all-around friendly. We remove, with extreme prejudice, all prejudice.

Also, have a look-see if you're badass enough to join my other group: ( It's pretty tank. PANZER TANK.

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