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Learn how to stop inadvertently amplifying your painful emotions and sensations

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We can bring painful emotions and sensations into our lives through thoughts even when it’s not useful and we can amplify our existing pain significantly due to an inherent characteristic of the human psyche.

In this event:

  • You’ll learn how this amplification works, how it’s connected to efforts to control, suppress or avoid your painful emotions and sensations and what you can do to stop amplifying your pain.
  • Feeling certain emotions can be paralyzing. You’ll learn how to do the things you want even when you naturally feel these emotions, for example feeling anxiety during an exam or feeling anger in a social setting.

This event will be highly experiential (i.e. we will do exercises to learn and adapt), although some theory will be presented (<20% of the time). Being late may prevent you from participating in the exercises or understanding what's going on.

The session, it's exercises and theory are from an evidence-backed approach, called Acceptance and Commitment Training / Therapy.

This is an online event, you can find the link at the meetup event's page (under the title "Online Event"). The meeting is hosted on Google Meets a browser based Zoom. There's no need to download anything just click on the link, allow access to your camera and microphone and wait for me to let you into the room.

About your host
I’m Balazs Hajdics, I’m a coach, trainer and facilitator. I have spent over 12 years helping individuals, teams and organizations evolve, adapt and achieve their goals.

If you want to start to learn this evidence-based approach which now has over 900 scientific studies supporting it's effectiveness and learn how to deal with your difficulties better, then come and join me on this self-help session.

Please read the meetup group's description as well, these sessions are not a substitution for therapy and not meant to treat or cure any medical condition.

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