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Pizza Possibility


I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to find home grown, NYC pizza here. The closest I came upon was Brooklyn Pizza in San Diego. They fly their water in from NYC and it seems to make a difference.

My hubby and I came up with an alternative. We get our dough from Trader Joes. We roll it out ourselves. Make our own sauce, add our toppings etc. They big key is a hot oven. We heat our oven to 500 degrees and then bake the pizza for 11 minutes. We also have a pizza stone that we put in the grill and we can get that temp to almost 700 degrees. Want to talk about authentic? Really, really good.

I would not be opposed to having a lesson at my home. I live in Oceanside. My hubby brews his own beer and we have a great pool. Would love to meet some of you.