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EXPERTALKS: May 2013 - TAYRA, an incremental backup & restore tool for MongoDB

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MongoDB users normally use the mongodump & mongorestore utilities to dump & restore a new node. They also use oplog for 'point-in-time snapshotting'.

However, when data volume is high (running into Terabytes), this dump & restore activity takes a LOT of time...

Even if users do rsync of the DB file-system, the subsequent backups cause data on disk to grow very quickly & make it full in a short time.

To solve this problem, MongoDB needed a tool for creating incremental backups of data.

Accordingly, Equal Experts has created TAYRA (, an incremental backup & restore tool for MongoDB...

At EXPERTALKS - May 13, we will demonstrate TAYRA, its capabilities & how it helps MongoDB users. We take special pride in presenting TAYRA as it's the first open-source product to be rolled out by EE India... :-)

PRESENTER: Dhaval Dalal (


Participants need to have experience & understanding of working with MongoDB /other competing NoSQL databases.