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For individuals who seek to optimize health and longevity.

If you're interested in gathering with like minded individuals in the pursuit of better health, reduction of chronic pain, better athletic performance, and optimized longevity, this meetup is for you.

The Explorado Market meetup is brought to you by Kendra and Rob Benson of ourpaleolife.com - Since 2013 Kendra and Rob have sold thousands of meal plan eBooks and have had millions of visitors rely on OPL for recipes and information on raising a healthy family.

In this meetup you can expect guidance in relation to Paleo, Keto, and Whole30. Discussions on foods and how they interact with the body. Methods and technologies that enhance overall health.

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The Dangers of Insulin Resistance with Dr. Jennifer McCabe Lentz

Dr. Lentz will be reviewing what insulin resistance is and why everyone needs to know about it. She'll also explain how you can know if you're insulin resistant. You'll learn how to prevent and/or mitigate insulin resistance. What steps you can take in your life to improve your own health. Insulin resistance is a growing problem in our society and a little knowledge on the subject could possibly save your life! We'll also enjoy product samples provided by Explorado Market.

A Healthier Heart with the Paleo Diet with Dr. David Kolowski DC

We'll be hosting Dr. David Kolowski DC for a talk on the Paleo diet and how it impacts health, especially heart health. Based on the work of Dr. Jack Wolfson in “The Paleo Cardiologist”, Dr. Kolowski will help clear up some misperceptions as well as add some practical tips to help you get on track. - Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in America, and often the first sign is a heart attack. - Taking Lipitor can increase your risk for Type II Diabetes. - One soda increases your blood pressure and your risk for a heart attack. There is no dietary correlation between saturated fat and heart disease. - People who followed a Paleo diet for 90 days decreased Type II Diabetes and improved coronary heart disease. - Learn tips on how to incorporate the “Paleo Pyramid” into your shopping and eating for optimal results. Dr. Kolowski is a chiropractor in Loveland along with his wife, Dr. Lauren Kolowski DC where they have a family-centered practice using chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Kolowski also brings personal experience, having lost 110 pounds from his college days as a football player at the University of Nebraska.

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Basics of the Keto Diet (+ Product Samples)

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