Milkyway & Shooting Stars in Spring - Free Solo Photo (#102)

Corner of Spencer Street and Bourke Street

Spencer St & Bourke St · Melbourne

How to find us

Let's meet in the Corner of Spencer Street and Bourke Street (Station Side - Near the steps) at 7:45 PM and take the vline.

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Meeting Point: Let's meet in the Corner of Spencer Street and Bourke Street (Station Side - Near the steps) at 7:45 PM and take the vline. Meeting Point Photo:

** Please make sure you bring your Myki. Please ensure that it has atleast $4.40 or have myki Zone 1/2 pass. Please note that Myki fare can change based on the location. This section will be updated on the day of the event with the updated myki details. Please ensure that your myki money is added before coming to the meeting point. **

Please have early dinner or carry takeway food to eat on the train. Please carry a warm jacket and anything to keep you warm.


A nominal organizer fee of $10/per person will apply. This can be paid by cash at the meeting point. I take solo photos for everyone with the Milkyway for free. If you are planning to take photos of the stars with your SLR/DSLR or Mirrorless camera or GoPro, Please let me know in advance as there are only few spots available in each event.


Photo: One solo photo each for everyone with the Milkyway is free.

Location: For the safety of people attending the event and flexibility to change location in the last minute based on weather forecast, the location details will only be shared with people who are at the meeting point. For the safety of people attending future events, please do not share the Milkyway location with anyone. Also, please do not tag the location when sharing photos on Social Media.

About: The Milky Way Galaxy is one of the most interesting naked eye sights in the night sky. We live under light-polluted skies and to see a glimpse of the Milkyway, we need to travel outside the city. We run Milkyway events near Melbourne (40-50km away) and events in premium locations (over 100km from Melbourne CBD). Premium events will be clearly mentioned on the title of the event.

Sample Solo Photos:

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April (Semi-Premium location) -
May -
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August - (Regional Victoria) -
September (Regional Victoria) -
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December - N/A

We should get back to Southern Cross Station around 11:25 PM.

Important: This group is strictly not for dating. If you are found acting against this policy, you will be removed permanently from our groups. Please do not spam the event page asking people to meetup before the meeting time or promote other events during the event. Please note that the photos taken during this event may not be used for commercial use without prior approval. This event is only open to people aged 18 and over. This event is not suitable for wheelchair users

Liability Waiver:
The organizer of this group cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or accidents to participants or their property on this event. By participating in this event, you're taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. By joining this event you agree to these terms.

Photos: All the photos will be uploaded to our Facebook Group (Explore Melbourne) - and to meetup event page few hours after the event.