What we're about

If you have experienced the healing with Ayahuasca and other Amazonian plant medicines, and would like to stay connected with people with similar experiences to continue surrounding yourself with the positive energy.

If you are contemplating "other" ways of healing and would like to explore the possibilities that come with this type of experience, through hearing stories of others that went through the journey.

If you are looking to integrate your lessons from your experience to the world that you are living in so the healing can persist and continue.

Join me and let's connect. Let's see what we can do with this.

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Amazonian Plant Medicine Experiences - Meet/Share/Listen

Come meet with folks and share your story or listen to others. We'd love to hear your healing, or learning, or shamanic journey stories. Proposed agenda: 1. Intro to The Fellowship of the River book (my inspiration for this meetup) 2. Ayahuasca documentary - watch/reflect. 3. General discussion. 4. Trip planning to a retreat center in Peru - I will share with you all that it goes to making a successful journey. Please send suggestions on the location for this meeting.

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Initial Kickoff - Meet/Share/Listen


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