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What we’re about

Are you tired of the same old destination spots? Are you looking for excitement and adventure in your life!! Not sure where you want to go on that chance of a life time vacation! Then look no further than Exploring Dream Vacations!

The number one concern about traveling is “I don’t know anyone that wants to travel like I do” or I don’t have the money to do something like exotic travel destination”. Meet up is the perfect place to meet others with the same interests as you and have fun traveling together as a group. What safer way to travel and you have the best in the business helping you make the right choices for your interests. Our group is not limited to Hampton Roads, so if you have family and friends that would like to join us, please send them our link!

Come on, join the group! Travel can change your life!

We also have our own branded mobile app, download it for free and take us wherever you go!

Each week we host a new show called Exploring Dream Vacations!

You can find our past shows on YouTube (, make sure you subscribe so you can see any shows you miss.

Interested in a quote? Call 757-425-3737 or email