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Grace Cathedral Ribbons of Light / Afternoon

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Before you RSVP to this event, PLEASE read the entire event description, including the last line. The Group Guidelines were provided to me by the church, and I will be the only person signing off for our entire group.

I am posting two separate events, a MORNING time slot and an AFTERNOON time slot so that we can accommodate as many people as possible. This is the AFTERNOON event. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONE TIME SLOT ONLY. If we find that one or the other time slot does not fill up, you may be given the option of changing. There are no other events happening at the church on April 10th, so you will have lots of time and room to explore the church. More information to come prior to the event.

GEAR: Tripods and wide angle lenses, but please refrain from using any flash.

There are plenty of reasons for photographers and artists to visit Grace Cathedral: John De Rosen murals, a replica of Lorenzo Ghiberti's "Gates of Paradise," two labyrinths, a Keith Haring altarpiece and a 44-bell carillon. For nearly a year, Anne Patterson, the cathedral's 2013 artist in residence, has provided yet another reason.

Patterson, a New York installation artist and director, is responsible for "Graced With Light" - a music-inspired installation that features nearly 20 miles of multi-hued ribbons cascading from the church's vaulted ceiling arches. The piece - which was to be on view through early fall last year - has proven so popular that it will stay up until Easter.

Grace Cathedral Group Photography Guidelines:

We are happy that you are interested in photography at Grace Cathedral. In order to lessen any chance of misunderstanding, please review the following carefully.

The cathedral is a sacred space. While you are photographing, other people will be in the building praying, meditating or walking the labyrinth. In a sacred space, whether it is a church, temple or mosque, there are some types of pictures that are just not appropriate:

• No fashion photographs are allowed inside the building. If it is clear that your focus is on someone modeling clothing, makeup or hairstyle, you will be asked to leave the building.

• Inappropriate poses such as mock crucifixions, elaborate costumes, references to bondage, or anything similar will also result in your being told to leave.

Working within these guidelines of what is appropriate:

• Do not begin your work earlier than the time assigned for your group. Please plan your work so that you are finished (including packing up your gear) within the allotted time.

• No photography is allowed during church services, whether large or small.

• No photography of any person without that person’s permission. Do not interrupt people to ask for permission if they are praying, meditating or walking the labyrinth.

• Do not place anything on the floor that might be a trip hazard – cords, unattended tripods, lights, etc.

• Do not move any furniture, including chairs.• Do not climb on any structures (pews, altar rail, etc.) or stand on chairs. If you need height, please bring your own ladder.

• Photography is allowed only within those areas of the building that are open to the public. You will not be allowed access to any non-public area including the gallery, the catwalks or closed chapels.

• Do not bring any food or drink with you into the cathedral. If you need a snack, there is a Peet’s coffee cart with sandwiches, salads and desserts available much of the day on the lower level of the building. All food and drink must be consumed at the Peet’s cart or outside the building. With my RSVP to this event, I acknowledge that I have read these guidelines and that I will abide by them.